Income for Life

What’s my income?

Is there a question more important for a retiree to answer? You probably know the amount of savings you have accumulated, but knowing your “number” is different than knowing your “income”.

The Model is an investment strategy to convert your lump sum retirement savings into a stable, predictable lifetime income that may last for 30 to 40 years, increase to meet rising costs, and leave a meaningful legacy for your family.

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“What’s my income?” is the overriding question to ask when planning for retirement. Another key question is, “How long will my income last?” And one more, “Will my income keep pace with inflation, rising prices?”

Like any plan, the Model has goals. In fact, there are five.

  • Reduce the impact of emotions by making sure your monthly check is provided by a stable investment

  • Increase income to help maintain purchasing power throughout retirement

  • Reduce risk

  • Preserve principal

  • Realize the best possible chance of achieving projected investment returns by keeping assets invested over long periods of time

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