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Focused On What Is Important To You

Your Values. Your Family. Your Country. Your Security.


Independent, Fiduciary Asset Management You Can Trust

If it’s important to you, for your investments to reflect your family’s values, and to support true American values of Liberty, Security and Faith promised to us in our United States Constitution, you will find like-minded people at Silver Leaf Investment Advisors.

Our Approach

We do things a little differently than other financial advisors. Our Process is 1st. Goals. 2nd. Plan. 3rd. Portfolio. Investment success will depend on whether or not you are following these steps in exactly this order – the three fundamental steps to a lifetime of successful investing.

Our Goal: Clients Become Successful Investors

Our goal is to help clients become successful investors. This requires the willingness to learn what historically normal short-term volatility & long-term returns have been, and to exercise the faith, patience and discipline that is required for great companies to deliver performance, and dividend growth results over full market cycles.


Fiduciary Advice

Silver Leaf Investment Advisors acts as a Fiduciary for asset management, with candor and transparency as it’s foundation. We provide a long-term perspective to portfolio management, and we use historical market patterns as our primary guidance. We do not forecast markets, or speculate on sectors of the economy, and we do not attempt to time the markets.

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