Silver Leaf Investment Advisors is a family-owned business rooted in traditional family values. Having taken our name from the magnificent and enduring silver leaf oak tree, we provide a long-term perspective to portfolio management.

We mentor and coach investment advisors, which requires researching the most current, proven practices for asset accumulation, protection, and retirement income.

Our Advisor & Service team provides investors with the experience needed for today’s challenging investment environment And with our multi-generational advisory, you’ll have the long-term comfort of consistent support for the rest of your life.

Our Customized 3-Step Process


Set Goals


Establish a Plan


Build a Portfolio

Silver Leaf Investment Advisor’s 3-step process starts by setting goals then providing fertile ground for them to take hold. We then establish a plan and build your portfolio with high quality, high value companies that are backed by dividend growth. A dividend investment strategy can provide a steady stream of income. And, when dividends are re-invested, the potential rewards can be compounded.

These three fundamental steps are crucial to a lifetime of successful investing. We offer candid fiduciary advice, which in turn, helps build trust. With a steady stream of communication and education, we keep you engaged and informed about your investments. Ultimately, we'll help you put together a portfolio that can weather tumultuous markets so you can watch your financial dreams flourish.