Silver Leaf Investment Advisors acts as a fiduciary for asset management with candor and transparency as its foundation. We provide a long-term perspective to portfolio management, and we use historical market patterns as our primary guidance. We do not forecast markets or speculate on sectors of the economy, and we do not attempt to time the markets. Instead, we provide steady strategic advice that will stand the test of time.

If we find you need specialized help that falls outside of our areas of expertise, we’ll refer to you one of the many trusted professionals within our network. We have mentored and trained some of the industry’s best and brightest, so we have helped cultivate a wide network of subject matter experts who are ready to offer support when needed.

The Community We Serve

Every client has distinct financial goals. That’s why we create a customized plan designed to meet your specific needs.



We help busy families achieve their dreams and goals. We guide you through your life’s journey with sound financial advice, helping direct you through both good times and challenging situations.


Next Generation Investors

If you're new to investing, you know it's important to have financial education and advice that works with your goals and ambitions. We’re committed to partnering with you to help guide you as you get started on your financial journey.


Pre-Retirees and Retirees

Your retirement goals are as unique as you are. We'll listen to your story and use our comprehensive planning process to craft a personalized retirement plan. You've worked hard and deserve to enjoy your retirement.


Business Owners

As a business owner, your time is precious and consumed with complex demands. Our team will take the time to craft thoughtful short and long-term plans to help you address your needs.


Foundations & Nonprofits

We have extensive experience advising private foundations and public charities, including their boards and investment committees, on the management and stewardship of their endowments.


2nd Opinion Investment Review
Get a thorough, studied analysis of your financial holdings to find missed opportunities and potential risks.

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Comprehensive Retirement Income Plan
A comprehensive, personalized plan takes into account every aspect of your life you can feel more secure about the years ahead.

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Tax Efficient Lifetime Income Strategy
Strategic tax planning can minimize your tax burden and extend the life of your retirement savings.

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401(k) IRA Rollover & Consolidation
If you have multiple retirement accounts, you may benefit from consolidating into a better performing option.

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Advisor to Advisor Consulting


Silver Leaf Investment Advisors has created Quality Dividend Growth ETF model portfolios for advisors to replicate, offered at a flat fee. Advisors have full control, can implement it quickly for their business, let it help improve client satisfaction and performance, and use it to enhance client acquisition efforts.

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